“Jamais vu”

“You have two choices, to control your mind or to let your mind control you”

Minutes, hours, days flourish, and life passes ahead without you noticing it.

You grow up with expectations, dreams, hopes, but the more time passes by the more reality overwhelms the imaginary and you find yourself in this vortex called routine, from which you can not get out.

Your days are calculated, the alarm plays in the morning, you find the strength to get up and get ready to go to work, you have breakfast, lunch, you smoke the usual cigarette that has become addictive, then you go home, you cook something for dinner and you get ready to go to sleep, then you repeat everything in the same identical way every single day.

We are no longer kids, fairytales no longer exist and the reality makes you dissatisfied, unhappy, but you can not stop, It’s a continuous struggle. How many times have you thought you can not do it anymore? How many times you wanted to give up?

It’s like as if your body continues to run but your mind starts to struggle. You are tired, without ambitions, you feel extremely alone even if you are surrounded by million people. How can you not give up on this? What is the point of living if you slowly feel like dying every day?


Direction: Zion Lacroix

Art direction/fashion: Jessica Iorio

Make-up: Ferdi Montenegro

Model: Giorgia Andreazza

Thanks to:




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