Dan Beleiu – An effortlessly cinematic gaze

Dan Beleiu, an effortlessly cinematic gaze on a young photographer’s grit.

Dan Beleiu has the magical power in bringing each character that he shoots to life into his dreamlike multifaceted visions.

His attempt to transcend instinctive moments of a mood in a single frame that prompts humanistic spontaneity. To accentuate Beleiu’s filmesque view,  his soulful body of work is timeless and idiosyncratic as he tends to obscure the boundaries of convention.

He encircles inspirations sought amongst filmic scenarios from his favourite directors for he is keen on creating an atmosphere on set. Illustrating a velvety picturesque feel to each project is essentially necessary as Beleiu employs narratively-posited technique in his visual storytelling. 

The unwavering imagination and sharp intuition that he owns, Beleiu conceives every single shoot for a momentary flick of the camera-shutter. A large part of his oeuvre is centralized within the framework of cover stories enlisting a wide scope of high-end publications, namely titles such as Wonderland, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Interview and Grazia. 

Click here to see more from Dan Beleiu’s work and  don’t miss out on our fashion sector.

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