A fashion realm in VR – Amber Jae Slooten

“A garment does not have to be physical to exist” is what the designer I present today to you stands for. As this month we are talking about what is hidden from your reality, the unknown and parallel worlds that may will never meet collinearity it was crucial to include Amber Jae Slooten, a dutch designer who firmly believes in fashion digitalization and Virtual Reality is where her designs live and where the freedom and the endless possibilities to create are. 



Amber’s designs live in virtual realities she creates in undiscovered landscapes with digital models wearing them doing an hypnotic catwalking in loop that may make you wonder what’s real and what is not. Her projects are the result of a collaboration with The Fabricant, digital fashion design and animation start-up and entity inventing terrain between fashion and film and creating environments that go beyond what you mind can imagine. 



Working in another dimension could suggest a dystopic future of fashion but for Amber is not. She believes the future of fashion is there… in a digital world where nothing is wasted; something is wrong? CTRL + Z will fix it. A world where your creativity knows no limits and  CTRL + C and CTRL + V will be your allies. Sustainability is another crucial key to understand and to defend initiatives like this. 



But what are the basis? Well, hundreds of images of catwalk photos from the last Paris Fashion Week were uploaded to a computer, then the computer was programmed to copy the images by extracting certain patterns from the input. What emerged were unique, computer-generated pixel-like images that formed the basis for Ambers latest collection.“Design according to the season” has been said for a fashion design professor, but design according to the world you belong sounds pretty accurate to the nowadays reality where there is no coming back once we have entered into the digital world. 

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