Revue was found in 2019 by the Swiss Fashion Designer Eva-Maria Schmid.

Revue is a combination of Underground fashion, Sportswear and Flamenco dresses, all inspired by people she met in her past. Next September, the designer is going to start her Master in Fashion Design in Basel and set herself a new challenge for the next collection: Upcycling! 


Eva-Maria moved when she was 9 years old in a small village in the South of France next to Marseille called Fuveau. She spent most of her holidays as a child in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer were most of her inspirations in collection came from. Voluminous Flamenco Dresses, People Dancing, Singing and playing music is something you can see everyday in this beautiful lost place in la Camargue. „I always was fascinated by this place and by people living there.“ she says.

In 2015 she moved back to Switzerland and started studying Fashion Design in Basel. After a while she discovered the Underground scene from the City and met new friends in these clubs. She startet getting inspired by these people.
In March 2019, she graduated in Fashion Design in Basel and presented a Futuristic Collection: she worked with over 70 different garments with various colors and designs. „It was a such big challenge to create 13 Looks with so many fabrics, but i love to challenge myself“ she says.

It`s Friday, 11th January 2030, at 11 p.m., and the first guests are standing in front of the new Revue club, all waiting in suspense for the new DJ. In front of the entrance are two bouncers who are just talking to a couple of youths. Their clothing? Colourful! Lots of patterns and very sporty. At the same moment, there`s a woman sitting at the till in a voluminous flouncy dress who`s just cleaning her cycling goggles. In the club itself right now, there`s a dancer doing a live performance, the guests are fascinated by her, she`s dancing through the room in wide, patterned trousers. Two young people are just now handing out cocktails at the bar. This vibe is simply typical for Revue.


Check Revue collection work here!