Pacifism // FW20

Pacifism FW20 presentation at London Fashion Week.

Pacifism’s FW20 collection aims to tell a  personal story and connection to what the designer has experienced to be a “Higher Power”, through subtle messaging, symbols, colors, textures and silhouettes.

The concept of a “Higher Power” is unique to each and every individual; whether it be God, the Universe, a greater energy, different spiritual beings or even just the mystical wanderings of the nature that surround us, the idea of a “Higher Power” is a multifaceted feeling that is felt and experienced in a multitude of different ways.

The basis of a greater power lies in the two purest forms of energy: peace and love. Found throughout the collection, the elongated peace sign not only aims to evoke that peaceful energy, but is a symbol of balance and importance of both upward and downward connection. Our connection to the Divine being as important to our physical connection to our earth, to our roots and to our families. The earthy colour palette of the collection highlights this idea of groundedness and wholeness.

With a purposeful air of nostalgia throughout the collection, Hizami presents his own take on the famed cable knit sweaters he so often saw and wore growing up. In addition, the plaid checks across the collection are reminiscent of school uniform days – bringing back details that have been so vividly rooted in his memory.

Using powerful imagery and symbology, from The Five Pillars (rooting back to upbringing and heritage), to spiritual Goddesses and Angels of peace, inspiration has been drawn from a variety of different places; all of which can be drawn upon and connected to when any one of us is seeking that feeling of inner strength. That intangible feeling that pushes, motivates and encourages us to push through the adverse times we can so often come across on our journeys.

PACIFISM is a ready-to-wear menswear brand founded by London born designer Talal Hizami in 2018.

The brand focuses on presenting collections that consist of both streetwear and modern elegance, using various elements of multidisciplinary wear as inspiration to create timeless pieces.

Click here if you want to find out more about this brand!

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