NUMERO 00 – Feel natural

NUMERO 00 presenting the SS20 collection during Milan Fashion Week.

NUMERO 00: freedom, lightness, simplicity, natural.
These are the destinations of the sensory journey, which has brought the designer Valerio Farina to the conceive of the collection of NUMERO 00 SS20.


This journey takes form and gets concrete in the plot of the collection, that tells about escaping the rigid daily stereotype lived in the grey and stressful big cities, in favor of a return to a natural approach. The designer exposes the desire of undressing from the preconceptions and from the rules through garments that distinguish themselves for the softness and purity.


The fabrics used – fluid and light – compose organic pieces, which tend to enhance the body figure and its shapes, giving them life.

Also the color palette used – blue celeste, rust color, grey, white, sage green – gets inspired from nature, as is taken from the five elements of the universe of Ayurveda, of which science says that everything in the world is composed by the combination of ether, water, fire, air, and earth.


Simultaneously to the collection SS20, It will be launched a capsule collection in collaboration with the photographer Antonio Ragni, and of which proceeds will be completely donated to the Fondazione Cetacea, a non-profit organization that takes care of the marine environment and its inhabitants.


Photography Lorenzo Basili

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