Dani Miras – 3D fantasies

Dani Miras is a designer from Barcelona. His world is colorful and filled with magic and everyday objects seen in a new light. Cars, swimming

Leandro Colantoni – Life with spontaneity

Leandro Colantoni, self-taught Sicilian photographer that depicts the soul of everydayness. Leandro Colantoni is a self-taught photographer based in Agrigento. Born in 1991, his journey

Tang Tawanwad – Transposed feelings

Tang Tawanwad works as a cinematographer in Thailand. Besides the food, he loves picturing people and situations that strike his eye.  Tang Tawanwad’s photographs are

Dariana Chem – The Thumbelina’20

Dariana Chem is an artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Today she’s sharing with us a photo project called “The Thumbelina’20”, made during quarantine. Dariana Chem says