Dani Miras – 3D fantasies

Dani Miras is a designer from Barcelona.
His world is colorful and filled with magic and everyday objects seen in a new light.
Cars, swimming pools, sculptures all bathed in dreamy pastel shades, echoes of an idealistic universe. 

Dani Miras’s industrial pop designs and glittery spaces satisfy the eye and are also available for prints.
We asked him to tease our curiosity by explaining how his mind works and how the collages happen.
Even though his creations definitely speak for him. 

Tell me about your artistic path: how did you start doing what you do?

The way a designer expresses himself is through drawings, sketches, 2d-3d illustrations: you can express ordinary designs or just fantasy artworks.

What kind of different materials do you use for your works and why?

I use 2d-3d software and Photoshop, but I like to take pictures and edit them.

What are your main inspirations, where do you take them from?

Just my taste in design, colors, objects, films, I throw it all in and make a mix.

Your main themes are dreams and imagination mixed with real objects and experiences. What does this antithesis mean to you?

Computer graphics give you freedom to design or make unreal scenes, but I also like to include everyday objects to decontextualize them, fantasize or just modify their use.

I see you really like cars. Is there a specific reason for it?

Just like many other guys, I have always liked cars since I was a child. 

What do you think about this Covid-19 situation we are currently in? Has it affected your art in any way? 

Not especially, unlike other artists who take advantage of the situation, what I usually do is far from reality, thats why people like it.


Click here to find out more about Dani Miras and don’t forget to check our art section!

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